Sunday, June 03, 2007

c is for cookie

Reasons Why Eating Cookies All Morning is a Good Idea

1. Cookies are very tasty.
2. It's easier than going grocery shopping.
3. It's too hot to cook.
4. They go well with milk.
5. The cat doesn't try to eat them too.
6. Did I mention it's too hot to cook?

Reasons Why Eating Cookies All Morning is a Bad Idea

1. You can't eat cookies and knit at the same time.
2. Heat makes me sick. Excessive amounts of sugar make me sick. They will not cancel each other out.
3. There'll be less cookies to eat all evening.
4. Have I told you how nauseous I feel right now?
5. I'll feel obligated to vacuum later.
6. Seriously. How old am I?


Kristen said...

Dammit, I want some cookies now.

Carrie K said...

Yes, but cookies. Very hard to say no too, with their cute little begging faces.

Your Jaywalkers look good! I finally started my own pair. The variegated yarn is actually looking quite nice, unlike the way it usually knits up in a hateful ugly fashion.

Elspeth said...

I think I could knit and eat cookies. Sadly enough.