Saturday, December 08, 2007

in which I do not loosen up

I started a pair of socks as a Christmas present a couple of weeks ago (Actually, I started about ten things a couple weeks ago, but that's another story). After I knit the first one, I knew I didn't really like knitting the pattern (the way it looks is fine, though), but figured I would slog through the next one, because then I would have a Christmas present finished. Of course, because I'm blogging about it, you must know that my cunning plan has been thwarted. I don't know why, or what I was doing when I knit the first sock, but my gauge is so much tighter in the second sock that the same number of pattern repeats in the leg comes out to nearly three quarters of an inch shorter, and the first sock is about three quarters of an inch wider as well.

I'm frogging both of them. I cannot stand the idea of knitting an entire sock in this pattern again, and if I'm going to stay on the Super-Amazing Christmas Knitting Plan of Doom and Awesomeness (which I wrote on the bus yesterday), then I'm supposed to have this pair of socks done today. So I need something pretty, but uncomplicated, easy to memorize, and no freaking mini cables. Bah.

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Carrie K said...

Lace then? Isn't it weird how the 2nd half is always knit so much tighter? Hope you finished a pair! A nice K2P2 rib pair. They fit the best anyway.