Monday, March 03, 2008


Last night I started knitting the Coupling socks from the Summer 2007 issue of Knitty. These socks are knit toe-up, and for some reason I am wary of toe-up socks, but these socks are cute so I decided to get over my completely irrational prejudice. Now, I've seen a lot of toe-up socks with a short row heel, but these socks incorporate a gusset and heel flap, done in reverse, of course. And for whatever reason, knitting a gusset and heel flap in reverse is really tripping me out. Like, I stare at my knitting and think "How can this be?!" and feel like I'm cheating on my old reliable top-down heel flap construction.

The yarn I'm using is some crazy old stuff called Lady Galt Kroy that I picked up at Value Village last spring. Now, I've googled this a few times, and generally all I can find are people selling it, or people similarly unable to find its origins. The most I can come up with is that it isn't made anymore, which is really a pity because it's a nice sock yarn. It's not a luxury yarn by any means, but it's reasonably soft and pleasant to knit. Actually, it feels a lot like the old Paton's Kroy (not the new Kroy Socks stuff, that stuff is significantly less soft). But hey, if you're reading this and you happen to know the full history of Lady Galt Kroy, encompassing its inception and eventual demise, let me know.


AlisonH said...

A moose bit your sister?! Leave us hanging over there at yarnharlotland like that!

Faith! said...

I had the hardest time switching from top-down to toe-up. I wouldn't actually say that I've switched, even, but good luck with that (because really, heel-down makes the most sense, don't you think?!)!