Friday, March 31, 2006

In December, I inherited a cat from my great-grandmother. Sassy is five or six years old and is the first cat I have ever owned that plays with yarn. The cats I had growing up would occasionally swat at yarn, if you dangled it in front of them and gave them a treat with it, but Sassy will take small balls of yarn out of my knitting box and chase them around the apartment until they are completely unravelled. Then she comes back for another victim. Today I picked up four balls of yarn that she had completely demolished and three more that were getting there, but that Sassy had batted too far behind furniture to finish the deed. I am rather glad (and very, very amused) that she has this hobby, because it distracts her totally and keeps her away from me while I'm knitting, but I am concerned that she will grow tired of the little balls of acrylic worsted weight (frogged from a very ugly blanket-more on that later) and start attacking things like eyelash yarn, which might not survive relentless cat abuse.

The solution to this came from Value Village (I love thrift stores). Wednesday night I found two bags of random yarn at Value Village for two dollars a piece, and, excited beyond measure, I bought them. Wheee! Most of the yarn was pretty decent, although it smelled a little musty, but there were three very sketchy skeins of yarn that I will never, ever knit anything out of. BUT I will be rolling them into balls and giving them to the cat. So the cat will have her own yarn and leave mine alone! Problem solved.

Maybe. She'll probably know I'm trying to buy her off and ignore the sketchy yarn completely.

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Jae said...

Hi, I found your blog thru Marji. I also have a cat that loves my wool yarn. I have found that I need to keep a rubber band around my left over wool skeins to stop him from unwinding them. I've given up trying to train him to leave the wool alone altogether. :)