Friday, March 24, 2006

I've done it. I've started a knitting blog. There are probably hundreds of other knitting blogs out there but this one is mine! Muahahaha...

Anyhow, right now I'm working on a Harry Potter scarf (specifically, Gryffindor). Each stripe of this scarf has 2,325 stitches, so, at a projected nineteen stripes, this scarf will have 44,175 stitches. Crazy! I think I'll make a sweater next. Yes, I know it's almost April, but it snowed today. I'm sure there'll be plenty of need for a sweater well into July.

This scarf will be the first thing I've knitted to completion since I was nine, when I knitted a scarf for my doll and soon afterwards decided I hated knitting. I then crocheted exclusively until about four months ago, when I felt a random, inexplicable urge to knit, and have been knitting in all my spare time since (random stabs at projects that are currently being ignored in favor of the Harry Potter scarf, or were viciously frogged because they just weren't working out). If that sounds random, indistinct, and just plain weird, that's because it is. But hey. I have a new obsession. It gives me something to do besides playing Scrabble.

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