Sunday, February 04, 2007

random sunday

1. I have finally figured out that whole "holding the yarn by weaving it through your fingers to create tension" thing. I'll have to tell my grandmother. She only tried to teach it to me twelve years ago.

2. I've been weaving in the ends of the Slytherin scarf, but it's taking twice as long as I thought it would because I have to split the ends to avoid creating big lumpy spots where I weave them in.

3. What to wear with ice skates:

4. There really is no need to carry your purse if you're carrying your camera bag. There's plenty of room in the camera bag for the camera, your wallet, your cell phone, and an in-progress sock. However, if the camera starts acting up and you have to take it to the camera shop in the middle of your excursion, you might feel a bit silly pulling the sock out to get to the camera, especially if one of your DPNs goes flying out of the camera bag, and you have to chase it halfway across the shop.

5. The camera:

6. This cat is so plotting evil things.

7. More proof of evilness:

8. I love gumbo.


Carrie K said...

More people need to be exposed to dpn's. It's a public service. And carrying two bags is a pain.

Kristen said...

Those socks are too pretty! I loves em!
And I need to learn to ice skate. I feel like such a dweeb around here. My 61-yr-old arthritic mother-in-law can skate, and I've never even tried!

Well, I can rollerskate and rollerblade, but I've never tried ice.

I'm having a contest over at my blog. It's open to all knitters, and all you have to do is write a haiku in my comments. :) Tell your friends!