Monday, March 26, 2007

belated blogiversay

I meant to post something on the 24th, which was the official one-year anniversary of this blog, but I wanted to post something...special. Something exciting. But, it wasn't finished yet. Heh.

So, last night (or this morning, if you want, but I generally consider everything before I went to sleep as yesterday, no matter what standard time keeping systems might have to say about it) at 3AM, I finished...a sweater!

And of course, I immediately rushed to take dorky blog pictures. I suppose that picture doesn't look quite so dorky, since I cropped out my dorky head. My face looked a lot like my driver's license photo, which basically looks like "WHEEEE!! DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!" Just replace "driver's license" with "sweater" and, well, you know...

Here you see the sweater actually being blocked, and the cat suffering intense inner conflict, as her urge to lay all over any piece of clothing battles with her deep dislike of touching anything wet.


Kristen said...

I guess she knows to wait, and once it's dry she'll be able to loaf upon the sweater. Or if she doesn't, don't let her see this comment.

Beautiful work, btw :)

Carrie K said...

Oh, I love that conflictedness in a cat! It's so fun to watch.

Happy Blogiversary! and WOW a sweater! Gorgeous, 'course.