Monday, March 05, 2007

sign of the apocalypse #397

Last night I was sitting around, feeling kind of bored, and dreading the return to classes today. Usually when this kind of mood hits, I knit something. Obviously. So, I picked up several different knitting projects, knit a row (at most) and then discarded each of them. I went over the stash in my mind, wondering if I could cast on anything new. Nothing occurred to me. Then I thought, "I should do the dishes."

I should mention here that when I started living in my own apartment, most chores really didn't bug me too much. They probably don't get done as often as they should, but I don't really mind doing them. But I realized very quickly that I really, really detest washing dishes.

But last night, I filled the sink up with hot, soapy water, and sang songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, and had a really satisfying time washing the freaking dishes. I willingly washed dishes instead of knitting, and I had a nice time doing it. Dios mia.

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Carrie K said...

But a nice clean kitchen is such a lovely thing. And it's not really a chore if you want to do it, is it?