Monday, June 08, 2009

because I have updated my facebook status too many times

Let's skip all the nonsense about how I haven't blogged in forever and why, it's very boring. Right? Right.

The cat level has increased from one to three. Cat number two, Windsor, joined Sassy and I in January. Windsor enjoys climbing my curtains and clawing the carpet. Cat number three, Max, joined us in April. Max enjoys sitting in the bathtub and eating my yarn. And by eating I mean...eating. Literally. I can't leave yarn out anymore. Or toilet paper, for that matter.

My knitting has been all over the place. The only constant has been socks, and that's really just because they fit in my purse. I'm pretty sure the day I pack a complicated knitting project to work on during downtime at my job is the day we'll suddenly be so busy I won't have time to breathe, let alone knit. I feel my coworkers won't thank me for pushing it.

Today I went to the doctor for this monstrous sinus-thing that has been plaguing me in various forms and degrees since Easter. She gave me a prescription and recommended I also purchase the special sort of Sudafed that they keep behind the pharmacy counter and you have to sign for. And geez, did I have to sign for it. I figured they'd just card me to make sure I'm old enough to get myself addicted to the OTC medication of my choice, but no, they took my address and my driver's license number, and I probably signed away my soul and my first-born child too, but I was so out of it I stopped paying attention. I have drugs, I don't care.

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