Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ron Weasley Blanket

Note: I am sure that a very clever prop designer created the blanket found on Ron Weasley's bed in the Harry Potter films. I am not that prop designer; I am merely a fan who had a lot of random yarn to use up. I was asked by a user on Ravelry to create a pattern page others could link to when making their own Ron Weasley blankets.

A whole bunch of yarn in various exciting colors that knits to about 5 sts/10 rows per inch in garter stitch.
Appropriate needles

I would also suggest finding one or two good screenshots from the films to get a feel for the blanket. If you can't make these yourself, The Leaky Cauldron has a great screenshot database.

Guidelines for squares:
I found 7 inch squares looked the most authentic to me.
You'll want to knit some of your squares solid. The patterned squares should be striped patterns only, not stitch patterns. This is a garter stitch blanket.
Knit a few squares on the diagonal.
Include some heathered yarns, or some tweedy yarns.

Guidelines for finishing:
The squares in the original blanket are arranged so that the garter ridges are aligned alternating vertically and horizontally. Basically, you will always be stitching a cast-on or bind-off edge of one square to a row edge of another. Except for the diagonal squares, obviously.


Anonymous said...

I saw the blanket yesterday at the Harry Potter traveling exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. I was drawn to it immediately! NO PHOTOGRAPHY else I would have snapped a quick pic. after the blanket squares were joined, the maker then went back with a thin black yarn and stitched small diagonal stitches along the seams - like you see on a crazy quilt. not all seams were stitched in this manner. It was random and my first impression was a crazy quilt.

I believe your 7" squares is a correct size.

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Anonymous said...

How many squares should be made to complete the blanket?

Dovile said...

The Ron's blanket in the movies is 8 wide and at least 10 squares long, which should be enough length for an adult.