Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So far

So far, I have 11 squares knitted out of a total of 48. If I continue at my current pace, I predict I will fail miserably. I'll no longer be able to visit the the Yarn Harlot's blog out of shame for my abject failure. The unfinished blanket will sit in a shopping bag, filling my apartment with its resentful presence.

I should probably knit faster.

As soon as I knit the first square, I knew I had even more to contend with than originally thought. I'm going to have to block each and every one of these suckers before I sew them together.

See how it isn't square? Isn't that a great plot twist?

This guy wanted in on the photo shoot. Blog, meet Max. He likes to eat yarn. And toilet paper.

Also, I don't know why my horizontal pictures aren't horizontal. If I stop to figure out why, I will never post this blog. I'll try to fix it before my next post. Toodles.

1 comment:

mouse said...

I say to seam first, and block later. :) The overall weight will help keep it flat, and that way you have a large perimeter to block rather than a million tiny sides.