Thursday, June 03, 2010

Posty post

Hello, bloglets! Long time, no typey. I believe the last time I graced this free webspace with my prose, I announced that I was participating in the Knitting Olympics (a la Yarn Harlot and not a la Ravelry, because I love Ravelry but I am terrible at team sports. See: every knit-a-long I have ever joined) and I was going to crush them with my amazing knitting amazingness.

And really, I almost did, but I was taken down at the final stretch (seriously, the last three days) by a migraine. The throwing-up, turn the lights off, stay home from work and lay on the kitchen floor because the cool tiles feel SO GOOD sort of migraine. So I did not finish the afghan in time to be awesome. BUT, to my credit, I did in fact finish the afghan a week later. I took Mouse’s advice and went ahead and sewed the squares together without blocking them and it all worked out just fine.

I do not have a picture. If you came to this blog expecting pictures, you are not in luck. I refer you to pretty much every post since 2007 and my Ravelry page.

Things worth mentioning:

I moved (again).
I’m getting married (in August).
I have a new job (can’t think of an exclamation of joy strong enough).

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Sarah said...

You're alive!!!

Holy cow, you're getting married?! Ahhhhh! I'm so happy for you. :) Congrats Steph!