Saturday, June 05, 2010

Breaking Out the Nerd Badge

(I will apologize in advance for the unseemly use of capital letters in this post.)

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the library perusing the DVD section. This activity always makes me feel…illiterate. Usually I check out a book too, so all those people paying so much attention to me at the library don’t judge me (I don’t know why I worry about this. I know exactly zero people in this town, and exactly zero percent of those people that I know are library snobs that hang around libraries judging people. The public library here doesn’t even make me deal with the librarian to check my books out. In fact, the librarian shoots you with her laser eyes if you dare talk to her or say, tell her that one of the very warm and personable check-out computers is frozen.).

Anyway, I was perusing the DVD section in search of a television show, preferably completed and with at least five seasons, so I could have something to watch over the summer since my DVR now consists mostly of Mythbusters, and I can only watch those crazy guys blow up a car so many times before I need a break. I decided on Stargate S.G. 1, which has not five but TEN seasons of nerdy awesomeness, plus a movie and a spin-off series. Score!

The thing I love best about this show is that I can just picture the writers in a little room, hyped up on coffee, delivering their ideas for crazy plot twists IN ALL CAPS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because that’s what every plot point feels like. OMG YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE SAFE BUT NOW TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Last night, I was watching a very dramatic episode in which Our Beloved Main Characters were trapped where NO ONE HAD EVER ESCAPED, and they were about to ESCAPE when suddenly their death-defying plans were thwarted by THE REALLY BAD GUY FROM THE PREVIOUS SEASON, who, it should be mentioned, THEY ALL THOUGHT WAS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because that is the Number One Rule of Stargate: No one is ever really dead. You can all hang around and watch someone die, and he will come back FROM THE DEAD with an evil plan next season (which Our Beloved Main Characters will conveniently thwart in under forty-five minutes, even though the evil bad guy spent MONTHS perfecting his evil revenge. I love television.).

I might have burst into hysterical fits of laughter. Especially when the music crescendoed and the screen flashed ‘To Be Continued…’

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