Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In which I attempt to write coherently on four hours of sleep and Red Bull

You don't even want to know what sort of rambling monstrosity I was typing up to post here earlier this evening. Onward with the listage!

1. I pretty much destroyed my living room to move my desk into a position where I can watch Stargate while I spend all weekend making paper flowers for my wedding. I have decided the only solution to the now-revealed and terrifying clutter is to move. Soon.

2. Red Bull and watermelon is not the most nutritionally balanced dinner combination, but it is rather refreshing.

3. I took a sock to knit on the treadmill last night. It went ok, except the whole time I was in mortal fear of dropping a needle and causing gross personal embarrassment, damage to expensive equipment, death, or a lifetime ban from the gym. Next time...circular needles. And maybe a helmet, just in case.

4. There's a pond right outside my front door. This pond houses bullfrogs bigger than my head. I am sure their constant nighttime croakings are a plot to overrun the apartment complex.

5. There was a little family of ducks and ducklings swimming around the pond over the weekend. I hope the frogs didn't eat them.

6. This post is awful. I'm going to bed. Better luck next time!

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