Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stephanie 1, cat 0

I have found her weakness at last...wool!

My suspicions started back in the fall, when, somehow, this wool sweater that I have ended up sitting on my desk. The cat started sleeping on it all the time. It was great, she stopped sitting in front of the computer and trying to eat my knitting and generally let me enjoy having her around without her being extremely annoying. But then, silly me, I decided to wash the sweater and put it back in the closet where it belongs (I obviously don't know a good thing when I've got it). The cat reverted to her usually cuddly-but-somewhat-annoying self.

Then, in November, I got a wool coat. I often leave this coat draped over the armchair closest to the back door, because hanging it in the coat closet five feet away is a lot of work. The cat immediately started sleeping on it. She'd get mad at me when I actually wanted to wear it. I began to contemplate the idea of knitting her a big piece of wool to sleep on, but didn't really execute that plan because cats have a tendency to not like something if they think you want them to like it. Why waste the time and the wool?

Well, I've been knitting this wool pullover, and I finished the back last week. I had it lying on my desk a few days ago, and, surprise surprise, Sassy was all over it. Still, I didn't seriously contemplate making her a wooly blanket until today. I was sitting on my bed, trying to knit, and she was just mauling me. Biting the knitting, sticking her whiskers in my face, stepping on the cord to my headphones, and just generally making herself unpleasant. I got up and pulled the sweater back out of my knitting basket, and layed it on the foot of the bed.

Game over, I win. Coming soon to this blog: bright red wooly cat blanket.

In other news, this is the view from my apartment today:

So much for April showers. I wonder what April blizzards bring.

April blizzards bring big lizards:


April blizzards bring brave wizards:

No, not until July.

April blizzards bring turkey gizzards?

That's just disgusting. I think I'd rather have the showers, please.

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Kristen said...

May I suggest a nice, warm Kitty Pi?

I made a hojillion of them for Christmas two years ago. Pictures!