Sunday, April 08, 2007

terrorist tactics

"One false move and the yarn gets it."


Kristen said...

Oh, how many times have I seen that face on my cats before? "I better hear the canopener, and I better hear it soon."
*insert cartoonish sound of claws "poink"ing out one-at-a-time*

Did you see my little angel attacking the gifted Koigu sock yarn? Sometimes I drop the link in people's comments, and I can't remember if I did here or not. Either way, be glad this didn't happen! (No yarn was seriously harmed - it just needed to be rewound)

Carrie K said...

Now that's what I call effective tactics.

Faith! said...

Ah ha ha! This is the best knitting & pet photo caption I've ever seen.

Friender said...

I can just hear the puuurrrring now.