Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I will take this moment to say that bamboo knitting needles are the greatest knitting thing I have yet discovered.

In other news, blogger.com has THE BEST verification letters EVER. You can actually read them! It's so awesome.

To do:
1. Knit a lot
2. Write those essays so I don't feel guilty about #1.
3. Figure out how to post buttons on my blog

If only I could write essays and knit at the same time. I can read and knit at the same time, provided the book is kind enough to stay open by itself, which will make studying Elin Diamond's definition of hysteria so much more comfortable. I think I'm going to take the scarf to class today, I've got at least one class I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have to take notes for, since it's the last day of classes.

Last day of classes! YAY! That means...study like crazy until exams are over (April 28) and then KNIT ALL THE TIME!

I. Cannot. Wait.


Amberlee said...

I remember those days! Study too much, play too little and knit as often as possible!

After your comments on the Dr. Who scarf I had to come check you blog--I mean Darth Knittress? Come on how could I resist. Have you ever been to a website call DarkSide Story? Yes, I am Darth...what did he name me....uh I think he said Tiffany, I wasn't thrilled about that. But I wrote all the parodies to the songs from West Side Story. My small claim to fame. LOL

You are a woman after my own heart! Thanks for letting us come look!

Marji said...

Study, then knit - sorry, but the scarf will wait. Exams will not. Do I sound like a mom? I am.
good luck with it all.