Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm pretty sick of garter stitch. I'd like some lace to knit, lace is fun. Well, actually, I've never knitted something that was specifically lace, but the first thing I decided to try knitting when I experienced my random urge to knit over the winter was this scarf, which had a lot of yarn overs and decreases and things, and I hear that's all you really need to know how to do to knit lace, so I don't imagine lace knitting would be much of a problem for me. That scarf pattern was actually really fun, I'd like to knit it up again with some nice yarn, not the cheap icky stuff I was using.

Knitting artists have been catching my attention lately. Freddie Robbins knits weird sweaters, tree cozies, and murderous women's houses. I really loved the tree cozies. Germaine Koh has an ongoing knitting project that is really quite outrageous, and made from recycled yarn. I'm an art student, and I must admit, sometimes I feel pretty lame in regards to my own work. I think if I started incorporating things I was truly interested in I might be happier with what I produce. But before I get really serious and introspective, how about that recycled yarn!

I came across the concept of recycled yarn a few months ago, mentioned in passing in an article I was reading. The idea stuck around my head for a while, but I didn't act on it until a few weeks ago, when I had to do an art video for my media art class. I decided to film myself unraveling a sweater, so I went off to Value Village and bought one. I think, truth be told, I was more interested in the yarn I could knit something with than the actual artistic implications of unraveling a sweater, but unfortunately the sweater I picked out didn't end up giving me such great yarn. I'll probably give the yarn to my cat. Last week, however, I really wanted to frog another sweater, so I went to Value Village again, and this time picked out a sweater fully intending to knit something out of it. The sweater I chose was, in its former life, a magenta 50% wool, 50% nylon turtleneck sweater from the Gap. I frogged it (I really, really like frogging, is that weird?), got the appropriate needles, and actually cast on for the sweater last night (bad me! should have been studying!). It seems to be going pretty well, my gauge is just a tad bit under the specified gauge, but I don't think I really want a sweater 40" around. I think, if my calculations are correct, my sweater should end up being 37" around. Hopefully I got that right. It looks right so far, but I'm only 12 rows into it.

Today I received the yarn that Marji sent me (thanks Marji!), and it is very exciting. It's the sort of yarn that comes wound into those cute little balls with the tag stuck in the middle. Maybe a lot of yarn comes that way, I don't know, but the only yarn I've ever seen come like that is the stuff I can't afford at Michael's or Jo-Ann's. So yes, exciting! But I'll wait to start the intended sweater until after exams. I promise. Actually, since I cast on for the other sweater I've calmed down about it, I think I can now set it aside for the time being. I just really wanted to start it. And as far as the Jo Sharp wool from Marji...well, quite honestly, I really like looking at it, because of the way it's wound. Maybe I'll set it out on my shelf and enjoy its aesthetic appeal for a bit.

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