Sunday, April 09, 2006


-Four squares finished for Ron's blanket

I haven't worked on anything else since my last post. The idea of a quirky blanket is way too much fun. Someone in the livejournal harry potter knitting group found a better picture of Ron's blanket in the Leaky Cauldron galleries. The new Leaky Cauldron site doesn't always play nicely with my browser, so I hadn't searched the rest of the gallery after finding one picture, since it was giving me a headache.

There's a LewisCraft store in the mall where I work that is closing, so all their stuff's on sale! I got some more yarn to go in the blanket, since it was pretty inexpensive anyway (it came to about two dollars a ball with the discount), but I think I'll keep checking back to see if there are any better sales later on. This is how stashing starts, isn't it? Haha. Anyhow, the yarn I got is Paton's Astra. It's 100% acrylic, but it feels pretty nice and it matches the yarn I had from the frogged blanket as far as weight and gauge. And with something like a blanket, I'd prefer to be able to throw it in the washer. Hopefully none of the mystery yarn from the frogged blanket is 100% wool or anything...that'd be really awkward.

Well, actually, if it was, I could probably just cut out the ruined square and make another one to replace it. Tedious, but not the end of the world. Why I am thinking about this when I am only four squares into it (out of a calculated 143) I really have no idea, but that's how my brain works.

...and I'll have to stop now because the cat is trying to eat the squares. Ack!

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