Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ron's blanket

I found something to do with my little random balls of yarn from the frogged blanket!

Earlier I was listening to PotterCast, a Harry Potter podcast put out by the Leaky Cauldrom, and their fan interview this week was with a Harry Potter crafter! They talked about the general Harry Potter crafting community, and referenced a thread on the Leaky Lounge started by Harry Potter knitters! In this thread, I found links to Harry Potter knitting groups, Harry Potter knitting websites, and lots of Harry Potter knitting patterns. I have a new found love for the internet. Um, have I mentioned that I really like Harry Potter? So, anyway, I read through the thread and someone mentioned they were going to knit Ron's blanket from the Goblet of Fire movie, and I think that's a really fabulous idea, so I'm going to too! Obviously it won't be an exact replica, but from the picture I found you get the general feel of the blanket, and you can really go just about anywhere with it. Eventually I'll probably have to acquire some more yarn to finish it, but this should keep me busy for a bit.

Projects I have going at the moment:

Harry Potter scarf (almost done!)
random chevron-striped scarf (using the greens, light browns, and pinks from the frogged blanket)
thread crochet shrug
crochet afghan (started a few years ago)

The crochet shrug is barely, barely started, since the day after I started it I gave my left index finger a really nasty cut and haven't been able to hold the thread while I crochet. The crochet afghan is probably going to get frogged, I don't like it anymore. I'm just waiting to frog it until I find something to do with the yarn, so maybe in the mean time I'll like it again.

I'm going to cast on for the Ron blanket as soon as I publish this. Maybe I'll study for finals sometime soon...

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Carrie K said...

What possible interest can finals be in the face of Ron's scarf?